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News & Information

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Opto Circuits' arm launches new drug eluting stent
Date added: Sep 10, 2012
Rosie O'Donnell suffers heart attack, gets stent
Date added: Aug 21, 2012
SEMICON West 2012 exhibits preview: Semiconductor packaging products
Date added: Jun 22, 2012
Paper-Thin, Distortion-Free Lenses Could Make Pint-Sized Pro Cameras Possible
Date added: Feb 7, 2012
STMicroelectronics first to use through-silicon vias for smaller and smarter MEMS chips
Date added: Jan 11, 2012
Amerimade Technology and Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials
Date added: Oct 19, 2011
SVTC, Amerimade Technology and Shanghai Sinyang Semiconductor Materials Form Partnership to Expand Advanced Electroplating
Date added: Oct 19, 2011
MEMS Industry Group Announces Finalists for MEMS Executive Congress Technology Showcase
Date added: Oct 18, 2011
MEMS Industry Group Announces Finalists for MEMS Executive Congress Technology Showcase
Date added: Oct 10, 2011
Jordan Valley Named Among 2011 50 Fastest Growing Companies
Date added: Oct 6, 2011
LEDs to hit 70% lighting market penetration in Japan
Date added: Oct 4, 2011
Tech Firms To Spend Billions On New Chips In New York
Date added: Sep 30, 2011
Microsemi to acquire Zarlink
Date added: Sep 30, 2011
Alphabet Energy’s Semiconductors Turn Smoke Into Juice
Date added: Sep 29, 2011
Amendments to National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Sources: Plating and Polishing; Federal Register
Date added: Sep 19, 2011
Noble metals and semiconductor nanocrystals combine
Date added: Aug 17, 2011
Faster organic semiconductors for flexible displays
Date added: Aug 16, 2011
SEMICOM West 2011
Date added: Jul 3, 2011
Hatching Green Transportation and Energy Technologies
Date added: Jun 30, 2011
MEMS Industry Group (MIG) Buyers Guide
Date added: Jun 29, 2011
MIG at SEMICON West 2011
Date added: Jun 15, 2011
MEMS Member Spotlight
Date added: May 26, 2011
i-GATE and NEST News
Date added: May 2, 2011
Sensors Expo & Conference June 6, 7 and 8th. 2011
Date added: Apr 24, 2011
Amerimade is registered in the U. S. government’s CCR (Central Contractor Database), as well with the National Security Agency’s
Date added: Apr 15, 2011
SoloPower receives $197m DOE loan guarantee
Date added: Feb 21, 2011
Mobile phone market grows 17.9% year-on-year in Q4
Date added: Jan 31, 2011
Emcore announces delay in filing Form 10-K for fiscal 2010
Date added: Dec 31, 2010
LED-based lighting market to drive opto sales
Date added: Nov 4, 2010
Six US Based Solar PV Equipment Manufacturers to Watch
Date added: Sep 3, 2010

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Welcome to Amerimade Technology Inc.







Our Products Includes:

Supported PV Applications: 

  • Polysilicon filament prep

  • Chunk / slab polysilicon reprocessing prep

  • Crushed / pelletized polysilicon metal mitigation

  • Saw damage etching

  • Wafer texturing

  • Wafer cleaning

  • Oxide etching stripping

  • Pattern develop

  • Silicon feature etch (acidic or caustic)

  • Resist strip



For the photovoltaic / solar industry, we provide a full range of products which serve the great breadth of current research & development and production requirements. This includes versatile manual wet stations for early development of break-through silicon, CIS-thin-film, Silicon/GaAs technologies and Nanotechnology, as well as wet benches fully automated large batch processing systems for mainstream production applications. Thus, customers have the ability to enter production with the same processing technology as they developed their products on.

Many of our innovative customer solutions for wet benches include unique fixtures required to handle substrates that are of uncommon size, shape, rigidity, weight, and/or material, or which must be compatible with physical changes that occur during the wet process. Substrates which we have designed unique solutions for include: elements of up to 3,000mm in length, lenses of 1,200 pounds in weight, crushed material of 1mm grain size and flexible metal panels of <0.007” thickness.

Amerimade also Manufactures wet processing for Medical Device Equipment for Polishing Stents, Catheters, Micro Parts.  key: medical device equipment, Medical Devices needing polishing for stent, drug coated stents and micro machining wet benches, stripping and etching, cleaning with ultrasonic. Visit our product page to review all our wafer process systems and accessories.

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