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Helpful Process Information

E-Beam, SEM & Maskmaking

  • Overview of Maskmaking at SNF
  • Maskmaking for Academic Researchers (SUNet ID)
  • Making Transparency Masks
  • Electron Beam Lithography Resist Processing
  • Nikon Reticle Alignment Marks
  • Contact Mask Alignment Marks
  • Karl Suss Vacuum Chuck Drawing (for backside maskmaking)
  • Karl Suss Alignment Mark Vernier Scale Drawings (PDF format)
  • ASML Image Field (1X-Clear in GDSII, Dark in GDSII or Dark in Tanner DB.)

    Optical Photolithography

  • Overview of Photolithography Tools
  • List of Available Photoresists
  • Shipley 3612 Photoresist
  • SPR220 Photoresist
  • Polyimide Photoresist
  • Electron Beam Photoresists
  • Lift-off Processing
  • Photoresist for Implant Processing
  • Wafer Backside Protection w/Photoresist
  • Edge Bead Removal Mask Processing
  • Photoresist Exposure Time Table
  • Manual Coating Procedures
  • Manual Developing Procedures
  • Image Reversal Processing
  • Processing Clear (Glass, Quartz, Sapphire) Substrates
  • Maskmaking

    Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Tylan Recipe Index

    Metallization & Sputtering

  • Comparison of Sputter Systems

    Dry Etching

  • Overview
  • Nitride Plasma Etch
  • Oxide Plasma Etch
  • Polysilicon Plasma Etch
  • Annealing, Oxidation & Doping

  • Tylan Recipe Index
  • Oxide Thickness Calculator

    Wet Processing

  • Wet Etch Rates of Selected SNF Films
  • Wet Etch Rates in Standard Etchants

    Wet Oxide Etch:
  • Non-metal Wafers (wbnonmetal)
  • Wafers with Standard Metals (wbmetal)
  • Non-standard Materials (wbgeneral)
  • Use of Triton X-100 (wbnonmetal, wbmetal & wbgeneral only

    Wet Bench Clean Procedures:

  • Photoresist Strip Procedures
  • Non-Standard Metal Wafer Clean (wbgeneral only)
  • Standard Prediffusion Clean Overview (procedures at specific wet benches: wbdiff, wbgeneral, wbsilicide)
  • Standard Metal Clean Overview (wet bench-specific procedures: wbmetal, wbgeneral)
  • Standard Pre-LPCVD or Pre-Metal Clean Overview (wet-bench-specific procedures: wbdiff, wbgeneral, wbsilicide)
  • Tweezer Clean Procedures

    Other Non-Standard Wet Bench Processes
    (wbgeneral only):
  • KOH Etching of Silicon
  • Decontamination following KOH Etch
  • Non-standard Nitride Strip
  • TMAH Etching of Silicon

    In-Line Process Characterization Tools

  • Summary of tool capabilities

    Process Quals: Procedures and Trends

    Process Characterization Studies

  • Welcome to Amerimade Technology Inc.







    Our Products Includes:

    Supported PV Applications: 

    • Polysilicon filament prep

    • Chunk / slab polysilicon reprocessing prep

    • Crushed / pelletized polysilicon metal mitigation

    • Saw damage etching

    • Wafer texturing

    • Wafer cleaning

    • Oxide etching stripping

    • Pattern develop

    • Silicon feature etch (acidic or caustic)

    • Resist strip



    For the photovoltaic / solar industry, we provide a full range of products which serve the great breadth of current research & development and production requirements. This includes versatile manual wet stations for early development of break-through silicon, CIS-thin-film, Silicon/GaAs technologies and Nanotechnology, as well as wet benches fully automated large batch processing systems for mainstream production applications. Thus, customers have the ability to enter production with the same processing technology as they developed their products on.

    Many of our innovative customer solutions for wet benches include unique fixtures required to handle substrates that are of uncommon size, shape, rigidity, weight, and/or material, or which must be compatible with physical changes that occur during the wet process. Substrates which we have designed unique solutions for include: elements of up to 3,000mm in length, lenses of 1,200 pounds in weight, crushed material of 1mm grain size and flexible metal panels of <0.007” thickness.

    Amerimade also Manufactures wet processing for Medical Device Equipment for Polishing Stents, Catheters, Micro Parts.  key: medical device equipment, Medical Devices needing polishing for stent, drug coated stents and micro machining wet benches, stripping and etching, cleaning with ultrasonic. Visit our product page to review all our wafer process systems and accessories.

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