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Frequently Asked Questions


Will Amerimade build a custom system for me? 

Yes, Amerimade has a full staff of design engineers to review your specific requirements. Amerimade will typically start with one of many proven standard platforms to design a custom system.


Does Amerimade have experience in building plating equipment? 

Yes, we have manufactured hundreds of systems, many have very complex processes for plating wafers and other substrates, we offer manual operation and full data logging in real time systems, communication with DC power supplies, monitoring / controlling process bath chemistry and many other system features.


What construction material is best for my system? 

Amerimade Technology's sales and engineering staff are knowledgeable in regards to material compatibility, FMGlobal 4910 approved materials and local guidelines.


Does Amerimade provide SECS-II/GEM - Network Communication

Yes, our software group is very knowledgeable with many types of communication devices and software, including SECS-II/GEM, Promise, WIP...

 Design Capabilities:

Can Amerimade design fixtures or racks to hold my product / substrate or medical device

Yes, we will review your needs and propose a solution. Our engineering team is very knowledgeable with the design, features and construction of many product fixtures and racks, i.e. custom size holders, fixture with wafer sealing (backside/frontside), making electrical contact with your part and software control to verify contact has been made.


Can Amerimade build prototype parts?

In most cases Amerimade can produce prototypes using our state of the art automated prototype machine. A drawing would be created and than downloaded to the prototype unit to start the run / build.


What if I have a unusual part or substrate to process? 

We can review your part/substrate and propose a solution, Our systems can handle substrates beyond 400mm.


How about SEMI S2, CE or 3rd. party electrical inspections? 

Yes, Amerimade uses SEMI S2, NFPA, NEC, as guidelines when manufacturing equipment. Amerimade can provide a quotation for any inspection reports you may require. Amerimade Technology guarantees our systems will pass a 3rd. party electrical inspection.

 Service and Support:

How about service and support after the sales? 

Yes, Amerimade warranties its whole line of products, we have a field support team which is available 24/7 by calling our toll free number: 1-800-938-3824 (1-800-WET-ETCH) or visit our dedicated service division at; this support would depend on your specific contract with Amerimade Technology.


Will Amerimade do start-up and training of my new equipment? 

Yes, Amerimade technicians may be on site to assist the customer in making sure items are connected properly. After the install is completed (by customer) Amerimade support may do first run (start up) of the system and employee training. This support would depend on your specific contract with Amerimade Technology.


Would Amerimade install the equipment i.e. Wet Stations at our facility? 

Amerimade normally does not install new systems, this would be the reasonability of the customer or their contractors, however Amerimade technicians may be on site to assist in making sure items are connected properly. After the install is completed Amerimade support may do first run (start up) of the system and employee training, this support would depend on your specific contract with Amerimade Technology.


Does Amerimade have the capability to upgrade my existing system? 

Yes, we have field technicians and engineers specializing in these areas. Please visit our dedicated service division at


Can Amerimade supply parts and / or service on other brand equipment - wet benches

Amerimade stocks a variety of parts and components for use on other brands. i.e. UltraFab, BPS...


Would it be possible for our company to visit Amerimade? 

Yes, Amerimade welcomes visitors, we can provide a plant tour complete with working demo equipment including wet benches.


Will Amerimade visit my facility? 

Upon request Amerimade sales / engineers would be happy to visit and review your current and future requirements.


Can I get a firm detailed quotation with layout drawings? 

Yes, once you have provided your request to our sales department, we will provide a detailed quote, lead time, terms and overview drawings of your request.


Can I get a quick budgetary quotation for a new wet bench? 

Yes, visit our 3 step online Create-A-Bench, its fast and easy, or you can call one of our sales engineers @ 1-800-938-3824 (1-800-WET-ETCH).


Does Amerimade offer discounts on multi-system orders? 

Yes, our customers would benefit from placing multiple orders at the same time, please call our sales dept. for more information. 1-800-938-3824


Can I use a credit card to make purchases? 

Yes, we accept most major credit cards, i.e. AMEX - Master Card  - Visa.


Do you have any pre-owned equipment available? 

Yes, visit our online, or you can call our sales department @ 1-800-938-3824 (1-800-WET-ETCH).


What happens after my order is placed, is a timeline provided? 

Yes, Amerimade will provide a timeline, hold a review meeting with the customer and create detailed sign-off drawings.


Does Amerimade provide operation manuals? 

Yes, Amerimade will provide a complete operation (software) and maintenance manuals with detailed schematics of the equipment wiring, plumbing and facility requirements.


What type (format) of documents and drawings can I expect to receive? 

Amerimade creates drawings for most projects using Solidworks - AutoCAD Inventor (3D) and standard CAD drawings, other document formats, i.e. Acrobat PDF, Pictures in JPG, MSWord, MSProject. Amerimade will convert any documents to a standard readable format for our customers.


What happens if I need extra equipment documents for city government or the local fire department? 

Yes, Amerimade will provide additional product information and drawings if available.

About Amerimade:

How long has Amerimade been manufacturing equipment - wet benches

Since 1992 (over 16 years), with hundreds of reliable systems in service.


D&B report, is Amerimade financial sound? 

Amerimade has been in business since 1992, with excellent record keeping and D&B report. Documentation can be provided.


How many engineers does Amerimade have? 

We have over 16 qualified engineers to design and assist customers from start to finish. 


Does Amerimade have individual departments to respond to my needs? 

Yes, we are well organized with many departments to respond to your needs, i.e. engineering, technical, automation, design group, parts / service, sales engineers and administrative. 


Is Amerimade's manufacturing facility automated? 

Yes, Amerimade has several automated CNC routers, 2 automated CNC milling machines, automated bender, automated prototype system and many other machines to assure our customers receive a precision robust system.